a Kung Fu and Healing Arts studio


The Little Tao Dragon features the the Chinese martial and healing arts of Shaolin (Silum) and Praying Mantis (Tang Lang) Kung Fu. The system includes the internal art of Tai Chi Ch`uan (Grand Ultimate Fists).

The literal translation of Kung Fu is “difficult task.” To master Kung Fu is to understand and master one’s own self, which is a difficult task.

Kung Fu is a physical means to a spiritual end. At the Little Tao Dragon, we teach the martial movements as a way to develop each student’s mind, body, and spirit. Working from a 3000-year-old history, philosophy, and wisdom, Kung Fu can help each student forge his/her own path, both in the martial arts, and in life.

The Benefits of Kung Fu:

  • Optimum physical fitness and conditioning through the martial movements
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Spiritual development and connection

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